Changes in Washington

For far too many years the left wing of the Democrat Party has ruled the Washington establishment. It apparently has gotten to the point that they and their radical cohorts have become unhinged, with political correctness, supposed racism and sexism at every turn, climate change, and hatred for Trump for daring to upset their grand plan.

Here is one example of how far from reality the left has gotten. I just couldn’t resist this one. Rochelle Gutierrez, a mathematics professor at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, maintains that “on many levels, mathematics itself operates as Whiteness.” She maintains that the Greek terms used in math contribute to “white privilege” and “European privilege,” whatever that is. Therefore, math is no longer objective but subjective. In her view, the reason some minorities lag in learning math is because “it operates with unearned privilege in society.” I guess all minorities should get automatic A’s in math.

I think it is that mentality that has caused the Democrat Party to stray from principles of yore and now are the party of anger and hate. However, their reign of control of government may be slipping. Most of you know that Robert Mueller is a special investigator into Russian collusion in U.S. politics.

His original unstated mission, cheered by Democrats, was to find something to smear Trump with. After untold cost and hours investigating Trump business dealings as far back as 15 years ago, along with any major player in his campaign, they apparently found a fly in the ointment. It has been announced that they will be looking into the Obama-era uranium deal.

This is where 20 percent of the U.S. uranium supply was transferred to a Russian company, approved by Obama and enriching the Clintons to the tune of $145 million. It also involved lobbyist Tony Podesta, a brother of DNC Chairman John Podesta whose claim to fame is allowing access to DNC emails.

It is my belief that this issue kept slapping the Mueller team in the face until they had no choice but to pursue it. Otherwise, I suspect it would continue to be ignored by media and bureaucrats. This issue is also in the sights of the Senate Oversight Committee.

It gets better. The House Oversight Committee is now demanding that former FBI Director James Comey return to Congress to explain why he had prepared a memo exonerating Hillary Clinton of wrongdoing in her email scandal two months before he interviewed her or her staff. That timeline is supposedly confirmed through information obtained by subpoena from the Attorney General’s office.

Also reportedly under investigation is the infamous tarmac meeting between Bill Clinton and former Attorney General Loretta Lynch. Here again Congress is calling for Comey to answer more questions on this issue.

It has been disclosed that there is an FBI investigator that is willing to talk to Congress about what he or she knows about all of these issues. That person is reportedly under a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with the FBI. For some reason they won’t release this agent from the NDA. That in itself raises some questions. If there isn’t any ongoing investigation within the FBI, why not and why shouldn’t past investigations be public?

The Washington establishment appears worried about these events and others coming back in to the spotlight. Trump has proven himself to not be a fan of the establishment. He doesn’t follow their protocols and certainly breaks the mold as a politician. That has establishment types in both parties worried, especially since many of Trump’s platforms are slowly taking shape.

There are reportedly 20,000 less civil service government workers than when he took office. Prototypes of the border wall are ready for review. As a side note, MSNBC traveled to the border to film and attempt to deride the prototypes. While filming the prototypes, their cameras caught illegals actually crossing the real wall. I bet that won’t make the news.

Tax reform is on the table. Congress failed their attempts to repeal Obamacare, but it will be revisited. Regulations have been rolled back.

Yet another establishment Republican, Senator Jeff Flake, announced he won’t run again in 2018. That makes 12 GOP and four Democrat Senators and Congressmen. Nearly all are establishment types who would probably struggle in upcoming elections. Combined with the Alabama special election for Session’s seat and establishment types are worried.

Do you hear that sucking sound? Maybe, just maybe, the Washington swamp is starting to drain. We can only hope.


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