Carson Valley man authors ‘Jacobus: A Eunuch’s Faith’

Working most of his life as a closeted gay man in a religiously conservative environment, Paul Trittin often attempted to build bridges between theologically-based values and anger surrounding the gay liberation movement.

He feels his new book, “Jacobus: A Eunuch’s Faith” is an effective bridge of reconciliation.

The book is a tale of gay romance and acceptance intersecting with the Judeo-Christian faith systems in the first-century Roman maritime world and beyond into India. The characters’ lives are held together with strong convictions of faith while living in a world of personal chaos.

Trittin, a Southern California native, resides in the Carson Valley. He attended Vanguard University and served in the U.S. Army before cofounding what is now Global University.

The book, published by AuthorHouse, is available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.


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