Area children help Meals on Wheels

Local seniors who participate in the Meals On Wheels program through the Carson City Senior Center had handmade placemats created by local children delivered with their Thanksgiving meals.

Through the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in the Carson City region 125 youth participated from Carson City, Carson Valley, Dayton and South Lake Tahoe, 10 different congregations in all.

“We brainstormed different kinds of service projects, and thought this was a great idea,” Steve Woodbury, administrative services officer for the Governor’s Office of Economic Development, and project leader for the LDS church, said. “We like to find service opportunities that really impact people.”

Woodbury said the kids did three service projects in all, writing letters to military personnel and missionaries serving all over world, and making the placemats.

“They were all great,” he said. “The kids really enjoyed knowing the seniors would love them and we understand they will end up displayed on peoples’ refrigerators. We really love that.”

At Bordewich-Bray Elementary School, 50 children from, Mrs. Bouthillier’s and Mrs. Zuber’s fourth grade classes got together to make their placemats.

“Our students really worked well together and enjoyed making the placemats for seniors,” Bouthillier said. “They are learning that a little kindness goes a long way and can do so much for a person.”

Warren Bottino, program manager for Meals On Wheels, said the need for the Carson City Meals On Wheels program has just exploded.

“Eight years ago, we were serving 125 people,” he said. “Six months ago, it was 225. Today, we are serving 276 clients a hot meal with a safety check daily. I don’t believe it’s going to slow down any time soon.”

Bottino said his clients love receiving the placemats.

“They mean so much,” he said. “Our seniors really do hang them up and love them year-round. It’s wonderful to connect our seniors and our children this way.”

For information on Meals On Wheels, call Bottino at the Carson City Senior Center at (775) 883-0703.


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