Tom Riggins: The party is collapsing

The party is coming apart at the seams. It seems that almost daily there is new information revealed of deep corruption by party leaders. Party figures are throwing each other under the bus in attempts as self-preservation. And it is getting progressively worse. Pun intended.

The Democrats have gleefully proclaimed that the Republican Party is no longer viable. It is plagued with several different philosophies within the party which has created disunity. But while they have directed media attention to GOP flaws, their house has cracking foundations.

Yes, the Democrat Party of the Clinton and Obama era is falling apart. The one thing the Democrats had was an absolute singularity when it came to votes on major issues. This was apparently accomplished by bribes (just look at some of the pork in every bill), threats, and possibly outright blackmail. Harry Reid was the master at this game. Yet only now are the shenanigans of the party coming to light.

After decades of lies, subterfuge, and back door deals, the rats are abandoning the sinking ship. Hillary Clinton was supposed to be elected so the past could be kept quiet. Since that didn’t happen, there are new revelations almost daily.

First, the Robert Mueller witch hunt (excuse me, special investigation) has found no evidence so far of collusion of the Trump campaign with Russia. It has, however, been slapped in the face with collusion by the Clintons, Obama, and former Attorney General Eric Holder with Russia by turning 20 percent of our uranium supply to Russia. That entailed payments, of course. Since Mueller was FBI director at the time, he should have already known about this and should recuse himself from further Russia collusion investigation.

Oh, and a major player in that transaction was lobbyist Tony Podesta. Guess who his brother is. None other than John Podesta, former chairman of the Democrat National Committee during the Hillary Clinton campaign. Oh, and John was also a former White House Chief of Staff for Bill Clinton and a counselor to Barack Obama. Is that incestuous enough?

The Clinton email scandal is also still in view. It is now reported that the FBI under Director Comey originally called Clinton’s mishandling of classified information “grossly negligent.” That means she was in line for criminal charges. Comey is the one who took it upon himself to absolve her of criminal fault.

As a side note, Comey’s good friend is Special Counsel Robert Mueller. More incest?

Former DNC national chair Donna Brazille has recently released a book about the Democrat Party’s turmoil during the 2016 election. I have not read the book, only comments from some who have. The book supposedly highlights Clinton’s serious health condition. She also alleges that the Clinton Foundation agreed to keep the DNC afloat after Obama left the party with millions in debt.

Further, she supposedly verifies that the Bernie Sanders campaign was rigged to fail, mainly because of the Clinton cash. She also exposes the theft of emails and general party chaos. More importantly, it exposes the media engaging in an active cover up for Clinton.

It is not just at the federal level. Several states long run by Democrats are on the verge of bankruptcy. Illinois can’t pay its bills and can’t issue new bonds due to its credit rating. New York, Washington, Vermont, and California are not far behind. Detroit and Chicago are also in trouble. With Republicans in control of all three houses, a bailout of the states is not likely. I am sure that makes their Democrat leaders very nervous.

Apparently Washington is concerned also. Democrat legislators have stepped up their hate Trump rhetoric, half-truths, and outright lies in an effort to regain stature.

It isn’t working.

A recent CNN poll shows that the approval rating for the Democrat Party has dropped to its lowest level in 25 years. This is surprising because CNN was one of the major players in covering up the DNC’s 2016 campaign problems.

I find this as sad as it is entertaining. The country needs a real two or more party political system to provide some balance. But the party has moved to the far left. Causing supporter dissent. Large Democrat donor Stephen Cloobeck, founder and former Chairman and CEO of Diamond in Las Vegas, agrees. He stated that if DNC leaders use the term “billionaire” again, he is done with them.

The Democratic Party needs to get back to its platforms of the ’60s and ’70s. Only then will it survive public opinion.

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