The Popcorn Stand: Peanut butter and crackers will do just fine

Today is National Eat What You Want Day. I have to admit, I’ve been guilty of celebrating Eat What You Want Day, Eat What You Want Half-Day and Eat What You Want morning on more than one occasion.

The idea of National Eat What You Want Day isn’t necessarily to binge on your favorite fast foods, but here’s a list of America’s top most-craved fast foods and there were a few surprises as far as I was concerned:

1. Big Mac; 2. Chick-fil-A chicken sandwich; 3. Taco Bell cruncy taco; 4. Whopper; 5. McNuggets; 6. Pizza Hut cheese pizza; 7. Original recipe KFC fried chicken; 8. Wendy’s Baconator; 9. Arby’ roast beef sandwich.

I have no idea how Pizza Hut cheese pizza got in there as I’ve never ordered a cheese pizza from Pizza Hut in my life. I also have to admit I don’t get that the Chick-fil-a chicken sandwich is No. 2. Although I’ve only had a Chick-fil-a chicken sandwich once, I wasn’t that impressed.

I was also stunned the IN-N-OUT burger didn’t make the list. If this was my list, the original Burger King chicken sandwich would be on it. I guess cheeseburger is too generic for this list, but cheeseburgers in general would be on any craving list of mine as well.

I find it interesting Arby’s roast beef sandwich made the list. I remember a difficult project in college as part of my nutrition class in which I had to chart thoroughly the nutritional value of everything I ate for like a month. I was incredibly thorough for the most part and I got an A on the project but by the end I remember eating a roast beef sandwich and instead of doing the thorough calculation I was supposed to, I substituted an Arby’s roast beef sandwich and called it good.

Anyway as I mentioned before today isn’t necessarily about binging on fast food, but savoring foods you normally don’t eat but love.

For me, I’ll just have some peanut butter and crackers.

— Charles Whisnand


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