Letters to the editor for Saturday, April 1, 2017

Disrespect of law leading to detriment of nation

Our nation was founded on the rule of law. In the last few decades the laws of the nation have been ignored. It starts in the home, schools, states and in the courts.

Kids today see no consequences in their deeds, states disregard federal law, judges change laws.

I would like to know what oath our politicians are taking — the one that says “I will uphold the Constitution and laws of the United States,” or the one that says “I will uphold SOME of the Constitution and laws of the United States which I think fit my political persuasion.”

Yes, we have hundreds of laws but some of us do not obey the laws or only the laws we believe to be on our side. There is very little patriotism left in this country. Everything is “me, myself and I.”

If we don’t like it we go to the streets, break, burn and destroy, and, heaven forbid, if a policeman gets in the way, for they will destroy him too.

We have turned everything into a political war, even the judges are political, ignoring the law for a political opinion.

Our so-called legislators are political — they do not create laws for the betterment of the country; they make laws and regulations for the betterment of themselves and the party (that goes for both parties).

We better wake up soon or we can start calling ourselves the United States of the Lawlessness, better known as a third world country.

Feryl Fitzgerald

Carson City


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