Middle school volleyball trumps Dayton Sundevils

Lacee Wallace, left, and Hailey Guerrero work on a drill during a CCMS volleyball practice.

Lacee Wallace, left, and Hailey Guerrero work on a drill during a CCMS volleyball practice.

Churchill County Middle School’s volleyball teams crushed Dayton Tuesday, winning both games in two matches.

For the seventh graders, the first match was close with both teams getting several turnovers. Tylla Steele led the team, serving 10 points for the Lady Wave. The second match, though, was a near one-sided blowout; there were some turnovers, but then Steele came back on the floor and served eight points before the ball was turned over. Once Fallon sided out, Emily Clayburn served 12 points to secure the team’s victory.

The eighth grade matches were close before Fallon burst into the lead. In their first match, Addie Sandberg served Fallon to an eight-point lead. Dayton advanced, then Shaylee Fagg served another five points. The teams continued back and forth scoring until the Wave hit 25.

The second match was much closer with several turnovers. Sam Frost served the Lady Wave to 11 points. Once the rotation came around, Amanda Carey served Fallon to match point where Makaila Hicks nailed the final point of the game.

Seventh-grade coach Heather Stokes said her team’s serving and passing had improved, as had their defense. She noted Clayburn and Steele served 21 points in the second game.

“Serving was definitely the key for that game,” Stokes said. “Everybody did really well; there wasn’t really anybody that was a huge all-star.”

Eighth-grade coach Nicole Rogne said her team had also improved over earlier games as well. Rogne said Christiana Formentini played good defense at the net.

“(The team had) good passing and serving, overall they did well tonight,” she said.

On Tuesday, the volleyball team travels to Yerington. The Lady Wave lost their first games against the Tigers, but Stokes said they’re ready to take them on and have high hopes for the outcome.


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