Past Pages for Friday, Nov. 25, 2016

150 Years Ago

All sorts: Governor Blasdel is traveling to California.

The California State Telegraph Company is repairing its line between Nevada and California. The tempests and storms of winter make these precautions necessary.

Storm weather on Sunday gave hills a covering of snow and the winds bring a very frosty air with it. We hope for a regular Thanksgiving freeze in time for a skating bee ...

130 Years Ago

The Mint Flag: The death of ex-President Arthur was received and within an hour all the public buildings except the U.S. Mint displayed their flags at half-mast. The Mint displayed no flag and that fact was telegraphed to San Francisco. The flag at the Mint is at half-mast. The man who sent the message is a very bungling kind of a liar.

110 Years Ago

Plucky lady: Miss May Kinney, a trained nurse, was in charge of Mrs. Seymour’s baby. After 10 o’clock Miss Kinney heard footsteps on the front portico and thought the family had returned early. A bang and lunge at the front door proclaimed the arrival of someone not acquainted with the dwellers of the domicile. The plucky lady procured a revolver and ordered the man to get out or be shot. It was only the fear of frightening the infant that kept Miss Kinney from shooting first and explaining afterwards.

70 Years Ago

Nevada Children’s Home and Fallon Lions Club. The Fallon Lions club is seeing to it that youngsters at the state children’s home will have an ample Thanksgiving weekend. The big-hearted hunters, headed by Jack Sommers, received an overwhelming vote of thanks from the children. The donation included: 109 pounds of ducks and 78 pounds of geese.

50 Years Ago

Tale of a dog: A 76-year-old widow takes her dog to church. “My little dog Pip means everything to me,” said Florence Cox. “She’s all I’ve got. When I take Communion I give her a bit of the wafer and a little wine on my finger.”

20 Years Ago

NDOT: Susan Martinovich is named the new NDOT assistant director, engineering, for the Nevada Department of Transportation. She graduated from the University of Nevada in Reno with a degree in civil engineering. She will oversee the roadway design, structural design, safety right-of-way and environmental divisions.

Sue Ballew is the daughter of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.


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