Carson City’s Humphrey to train at FBI Academy

Brian Humphrey

Brian Humphrey

The Carson City Sheriff’s Office is sending one of its staff to Quantico, Va., to train at the FBI National Academy.

Lt. Brian Humphrey begins July 11 at the FBINA where he’s going to train in courses from cyber crimes to forensic collection to leadership techniques. By completing the FBINA training, it will qualify Humphrey to promote to the rank of captain.

“I am really excited,” Humphrey said. “I have been looking forward to this for a long time. It is something I can bring back, this training I can bring to the community.”

Humphrey was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant in 2014 and is currently the head of the investigations division. Upon completion of the academy, he will be one of three acting captains at the Sheriff’s Office; with each division head at that rank.

“This is huge for us, more so internal though,” said Sheriff Ken Furlong. “We are proud of him, he is well deserving.”

The academy is 10 weeks of intensive training, where Humphrey is going to live at the Marine Corps base in Quantico with dozens of other law enforcement agents from around the world.

“It is a long time to be away from home, but it will be worth it,” Humphrey said.

Attendance in the FBINA is exclusive; it often takes agencies several years to get a name on the list of applicants. Because there are a limited number of slots available, Furlong said it has taken nearly 3 years to get Humphrey’s name on the list. However, this also ensures the department is getting the most qualified and trained officers back.

“(The Lieutenants) manage operations and are the front line people who need the most prestigious training,” Furlong said. “It has taken us 10 years before we achieved all division heads to the rank of captain.”

“We wanted the people in the most key positions in this town to have the highest certification and training because when they see this guy it means that he has maxed out on all the certifications and training offered to him.”

Besides gaining the rank of captain, Humphrey will bring back new law enforcement techniques as well as a host networking opportunities.

“This allows a cooperation to develop there, connections that I can bring back to interact with others on the local, state and federal levels,” Humphrey said. “We are in touch with lots of resources that we can go to at anytime.”

Humphrey isn’t the only promotion within the Sheriff’s Office; two officers were promoted to the rank of sergeant Friday.

Deputy John Hitch and Detective Doug Speegle were both promoted Friday and will serve as sergeants in the patrol and detention divisions.

“The sergeant position is the toughest job,” Furlong said. “This is the person who chooses to do a pleasurable thing with as much enjoyment as the non-pleasurable things.”

Furlong said sergeant positions are difficult because so many people rely on them; sergeants have to be able to answer all questions on the spot, they are one of the front lines and they are the ones who are on the chopping block if anything goes wrong.

“But I am very pleased with the two sergeants we are getting,” Furlong said.

Hitch has been serving as acting sergeant for the past year, when he was asked to step up after circumstances demanded. Speegle has been working with the detectives division for several years, and Furlong said he has always been the man to beat for this promotion.

In addition, the Sheriff’s Office also welcomed new deputy, Ryan Greb, to the staff on Friday.

“These are two very memorable spots, the one when you have past your POST academy and are sworn in and get your pin and then the day you get pinned as a sergeant,” Furlong said.

Greb is the son of Nevada Highway Patrol Trooper Chris Greb, who pinned his son’s badge on at the ceremony. Several NHP troopers were present during the ceremony to express their support for the Greb family.

“I am proud of all three of these men and I have all the faith in the world in them,” Furlong said. “There are no words to match my pleasure to have these members of the department.”


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