Past Pages for Sunday, June 22, 2014

140 years ago

Grand turnout of the Pacific Coast pioneers — a throng by rail and in teams swarm to Bower’s Mansion. It was one of the days we were to have had in April. It was just warm enough to keep about one half of the crowd away from the platform to dance upon. The other half who danced despite of the temperature were glad of it. And yet the jam was “awful,” as the dear ladies say when they mean suffocating. The bumping and rubbing of such a mass is something to be enjoyed either in the very thick or else way off. The dancers swayed around and about like a disordered phalanx, occasionally getting out of step and wind and inextricably heaped together at one or the other end.

130 years ago

Wants the cannon. The people of Austin lay claim to the brass cannon now mounted in the Capital square. The Reveille says: “Some months ago Lieutenant Governor Laughton (and Adjutant General) was in Austin and promised to exchange the little brass cannon we had for a larger and better piece. The Commander-in-Chief of the state militia ordered the 10-pounder in. After a telegraph to the governor came this reply: ‘Laughton is responsible for the loss of our gun and should pay to ship it back to the Austin militia. When Mr. Laughton stays at home long enough to attend to business, he will probably explain this further.’ ”

100 years ago

Prisoners go to work on roads. By arrangement with the county commissioners consummated today, Warden Dickerson will start a crew of honor prisoners at work on the cut-off which was started to avoid the necessity of crossing the tracks of the Virginia and Truckee en route to the Indian School and Carson Valley. The new roadbed will be scraped and covered with crushed rock from the prison quarry.

70 years ago

Forty-two Basques arrived here today from Navarra, Spain, and left immediately for various points in Nevada where they will be employed as sheep herders. The men were aged 27 to 42 years and all were veterans of Franco’s army. No other group of this size will be allowed to enter this country.

50 years ago

Kathie Blaikie has won the Lt. Governor spot for Girls’ State in a race with Laura Tiberti of Las Vegas. Kim Lohse of Reno was elected Governor.

30 years ago

Tonight at the movies: “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.” At the Luxury Theatres, Shhhh! “Top Secret!” and “Gremlins.”

Trent Dolan is the son of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.


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