Harassment suit against Capitol Police settled

The suit filed in September by Capitol Police Officer Alice Valdez charging five of her fellow officers of discriminatory, inappropriate and hostile conduct toward her has been settled.

The settlement agreement filed in Carson District Court resolves all the issues raised in her lawsuit, with neither side admitting to the alleged conduct.

In return, she will get a lump-sum payment of $99,999.99 paid by the state.

The agreement says, ā€œplaintiff hereby completely releases and forever discharges the defendants of, and from, any and all liability for all claims asserted, arising from or relating to the disputes and the allegations and legal claims of the complaint.ā€

Valdez accused officers Christian Normandy, Bill Walker and Chris Aranyos as well as Sgt. Mike Rubio of marking a variety of hostile comments about her age, size and gender, as well as sexist comments. She is one of two women on the force older than 40. It accused Sgt. Rich Mraz of doing nothing to stop the alleged abuse.

Rubio was dismissed from the Capitol Police. Mraz, who for most of the period in question was on medical leave, was demoted. The other officers including Valdez remain on duty.

Under terms of the settlement, Valdez and her lawyer, Jeff Dickerson, agreed to move for dismissal of the complaint with prejudice as soon as the payment is received.

It was signed by Valdez, all the defendants and Department of Public Safety Director Jim Wright.


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