Terry reflects on 35 years of Little League service

Tim Terry has been involved in Little League baseball for 35 years as a coach and administrator. This past summer, Terry decided to step down from his position as Little League District 1 administrator. From his yearly pilgrimage to the Little League World Series, Terry took time to talk about his decision and the state of Little League baseball.

Q: What prompted your decision to step down?

A: When I ran for the position of DA I had a 5 year time frame in mind. You need change and fresh blood in any organization to stay tuned in and abreast of what’s new. Five years is up and the time to turn things over has arrived.

Q: What are some of the things that you thought went well during your tenure?

A: We’ve been able to get the older age divisions of baseball ( 50/70, Juniors and Seniors ) up and running. Softball has been added. The Challenger program has been expanded. A substantial concussion policy for the district has been implemented.

Q: What is the state of Little League baseball in Nevada?

A: I think the status of LL in Northern Nevada is pretty stable. We have 12 leagues of varying sizes and they have all managed to stay healthy with various other programs nipping at their heels and trying to syphon off players.

Q: What are some things that you felt you didn’t get done?

A: Would have liked to been able to get more volunteers to serve as District Staff.

Q: If you could change one thing about Little League (rules etc,) what would it be?

A: If I had a rule suggestion to make it would be to make the official rulebook required reading for all managers and coaches.

Q: You have been involved in Little League for a long time in various capacities. What is your best memory you are taking away from the job?

A: The smiles on the faces of young boys and girls.

Q: Carson City came close to the World Series in 1992. What do you remember about that team?

A: Actually my CCLL team of 1988 came closer to a WS trip. What I remember about both teams was the great sense of work ethic and camaraderie. I still am in touch with many of the players on these two teams and am proud of all they have accomplished in their individual lives.

Q: You have volunteered at the LLWS for many years? How many? What keeps you going back?

A: I have been a volunteer worker at the LLWS each year since 2000. I keep going back because of the friends I have made over the years and the wonderful experience it never fails to provide for all who participate. It is an event that everyone should attend at least once.

Q: Do you have one special Williamsport memory?

A: My one special LLWS memory will undoubtedly be the participation of the Nevada team this year. First time ever for a NV team at the LLWS. The players and coaches have been a gas to be around.


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