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140 Years Ago

Painful mistake — A dispatch to a friend of Judge Darrow lately deceased: The recipient of the dispatch did not know the judge had been ill and was shocked by the unexpected death of his friend. The dispatch, it is now thought, said “cannot leave” was mistakenly substituted for “cannot live” ...

140 Years Ago

(Correction from last week) Advertisement: “Furniture and bedding! George W. Kitzmeyer, furniture dealer. On Carson Street, near the post office, has now a large wareroom filled with all kinds of furniture. And, desirous to sell quick, he has figured all goods down to small profits. The people of Carson and surrounding places are respectfully invited to call and examine the stock ...” (The Kitzmeyer building is across the street from the present Laxalt Building — formerly the post office, completed in 1891 — as noted by Guy Rocha.)

130 Years Ago

Washoe Lake: A lapstreak keel boat, 20 feet long, built by Farmer, will be shipped to Washoe Lake to be used by the Nevada State Fish Commissioner. She is quite high out of the water and seems to carry a sail well without ballast.

120 Years Ago

Poor Farm: Superintendent Carny reports the raising of eight tons of potatoes and five tons of grain at the Poor Farm. Enough table vegetables were raised to supply the needs of the inmates.

70 Years Ago

Wedding: Miss Sally Woodgate, popular Carson City girl, and Sgt. Wilford E. Dunfield were married in Jackson, Miss. Sgt. and Mrs. Dunfield are spending their honeymoon in New Orleans, Baton Rouge, and Nathez and will make their home in Leesville, Miss. for the present.

50 Years Ago

Journey’s end for President John F. Kennedy: A hero’s grave received his mortal remains in Arlington National Cemetery. His brave young widow, Jacqueline, walked slowly away clutching to her bosom the American Flag that had been placed on his casket.

30 Years Ago

Howard Hughes: Melvin Dummer, the “Morman Will” man, is being featured on network television. He claimed to have picked up Howard Hughes in the desert in 1968 ...

Sue Ballew is the daughter of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.


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