Library approves strategic plan

Voting to accept a five-year strategic plan and spend almost $58,500 from donated funds to rearrange the library, Carson City’s Library Board of Trustees closed out 2013 policy action Thursday.

The plan crafted by Tammy Westergard, interim library director, and staff leadership includes shifting furnishings and spaces to include use of the first-floor auditorium and book sales area as a new “digitorium” to upgrade technology available in the current building.

Exact projected cost for the space usage overhaul was pegged at $58,491.63 from gift fund resources, Westergard said during her final meeting as interim library leader. That gift fund has more than $240,000 in it.

Sena Loyd, who has been heading the library @Two Digital Center upstairs, takes over as the new library director on Jan. 3. Westergard returns to deputy director and told the board she would have some time to pursue educational goals.

“I’m going to get my credential,” she told Robert Kennedy, one of the trustees, as he asked her about upcoming plans. She said she now can take a full course load in library science.

The strategic plan crafted under her leadership calls for inspiring learning, facilitating connection and creating opportunity in the community via six goals.

They are being an essential resource; providing technology and other learning tools to develop marketable skills in people; recognizing community challenges, and responding appropriately; being a place to access cultural and civic life; being customer-focused; and growing the important resource that is library staff.

Regarding the changes in space that are a springboard from that plan and non-government resources, the $58,500 will be used in addition to private Library Foundation funds amounting to $33,000 announced earlier to spur work on the digitorium. The friends organization in addition will move the group’s book-selling operation across the street to 711 E. Washington St. into more spacious digs, also previously announced.

The board met Matt Galli of Reno, who has been newly hired as the library’s youth services manager. Loyd said he would earn $22 hourly in his 40-hour a week post.

The board approved a raise of approximately $6,000 annually for Kathy Rush, library technical services manager, which was described in the agenda as a salary equity adjustment. Loyd and Westergard said it put her on an equal footing with people at a similar level on staff.

The board approved hiring someone at the management II level for 32-hours weekly to handle accounting, grants and other financial matters, which Westergard said had been a duty shared by three people until now.

The board, which normally doesn’t meet in December, decided that because it did this year members won’t hold a board meeting in January.


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