Help needed for victims of furnace explosion

The LVN has talked with Kathy Rogne Robertson regarding Saturday’s furnace explosion that burned her daughter’s boyfriend on his hands and face.

Help needed for Fallon residents affected by Saturday’s apartment furnace explosion

I spoke with Kathy Rogne Roberston Sunday morning.

She said the explosion and fire destroyed everything, but concerns are for the immediate days and weeks for Trent Workman and Sarah Robertson.

Kathy said clothing, cash donations, bedding, gift cards, etc., are needed at this time.

Trent takes a size XXL in shirt and coat, 36-34 in trouser and size 9 shoe. Sarah takes a size medium blouse, female size 9 shoe and size 12 in jeans, etc.

Also, two other families have been displaced, and we will reach out to them as well, asking community support for them. If anyone know who they are please contact the LVN or me.

For the past year the LVN, along with other agencies, individuals and family members using various Facebook and online sites, has sought help from the community to assist these families who have been derailed by fire or other disasters.

The LVN, for these previous disasters, served as a central collection point, and Kathy has graciously accepted our offer to help and do the same for Trent and Sarah.

Beginning Monday, please drop any items in good shape, gift cards, monetary donations, etc., to the Lahontan Valley News, 2152 Reno Highway, Ste. H. The family will be at UC Davis, so we will hold items until they return.


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