Officers arrest 21 during Nevada Day weekend

Twenty-one people were arrested between Friday evening and Sunday night, Carson City Sheriff's arrest logs indicate.

The incidents over the long Nevada Day weekend ranged from barroom fights to shootings.

"It was one long weekend for us," Carson City Sheriff Ken Furlong said.

Alcohol was a suspected factor in most of the weekend's incidents and arrests, he said.

One of the shootings, on Imperial Way, appeared to revolve around a gun sale, Furlong said.

The incidents over the weekend range from a bar fight which saw five arrested, two for battery with a deadly weapon, to an accidental shooting and another that led to a single arrest.

The barroom fight allegedly started with a group of five, who had been "getting along all night" until one of the men urinated in his pants and another of the five pointed it out to him, according to the police report. The man became aggressive with the woman who pointed out the soiling, according to witnesses.

"It turned into an absolute brawl," Furlong said of the bar fight.

Two witnesses said a woman, uninvolved with the fighting, had been punched in the face, but declined to press charges, according to the report.

A Minden man was arrested Saturday night in the 5600 block of South Carson Street after he allegedly threw a baseball-sized rock at the knee of a reserve deputy.

A third deputy tackled the man and the three deputies were able to arrest the man on charges of battery with a deadly weapon and battery on a peace officer, with a total bail of $60,237.


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