Tribute Quartet's songs preserve musical heritage

The Tribute Quartet will play at Good Shepherd Weslyan Church.

The Tribute Quartet will play at Good Shepherd Weslyan Church.

Tribute Quartet performs their award-winning southern gospel songs at Good Shepherd Wesleyan Church, Tuesday at 7 p.m., during a free concert.

Now in their fifth year, Tribute is comprised of lead singer, storyteller and master of ceremonies Gary Castro; pianist, baritone (with signature red hair) Josh Singletary; tenor Riley Harrison Clark and bass vocalist Anthony Davis.

Tribute formed in 2006 and began seriously pursuing their music ministry in 2007.

"Gary and I had traveled together with the Wilburns (a southern gospel singing family) and when they retired in 2005, we decided to start another group and ministry," Singletary said. "It just fell into place."

Keeping alive their mission of "Preserving the heritage and promoting the future of southern gospel music," Tribute has in a very short time, enjoyed recognition and experiences that others have waited some 20 years to see.

They were named the 2008 Horizon Group of the Year, voted on by the readership of Singing News Magazine, and 2008 Breakthrough Band by Absolute Gospel. They have been featured on XM Radio, graced the cover of Singing News - which has the second-highest subscriber base, beat only by Time Magazine - and enjoyed some of their own, individual successes.

Their interpretation of classic and new, original southern gospel songs has created a loyal following and they're now working on their fifth album.

"What's really blowing our minds is how fast and how much has happened in such a short time - the experiences we've had, the invitations to play in places that others' have waited years to play," Singletary said. "This has been started by the Lord and we shouldn't be surprised .... it has been humbling and there are still moments when it feels like we need to pinch ourselves."

Based in Nashville, Tenn., Tribute gives upward of 250 concerts each year. They are currently on its annual West Coast tour and making a swing through Carson City.

"There are a lot of people who know about this music and others who don't or who think of a mom-and-pop thing down at a little church or country fair," he said. "We perform southern gospel first because we believe every word that comes out of our mouths and because it speaks to those who are living life, who are struggling and who are of a certain age who know that what we're singing is true."

Singletary added that without witnessing the positive impact of their songs and message on their audiences - through letters, e-mails and what Tribute sees and hears firsthand - there would be no reason for them to keep going.

"All of us are constantly living life and needing hope ... when people are tired emotionally, physically, spiritually, it's so easy to listen to the enemy... and we couldn't keep going and pushing so hard if we didn't see evidence of how our music touches people, changes them and gives them the hope and strength to go on."

For more information about Tribute and to purchase their music, visit them on the Web at

Good Shepherd Weslyan Church is located at 1505 Railroad Dr. (corner of Saliman). For more information about the concert, call the church at 775-885-8361.


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