Letters to the Editor June 26

Student says thanks for report help

Thank you. My report on the state of Nevada was a success thanks to all the Nevadans willing to help me.

You Nevadans have been so nice. Even your Governor Brian Sandoval sent things to me for my project.

Many thanks to all the Nevadans who sent me things.

Bob Misty

Wellesley, Mass.

Court decision could go a long way in finding truth

The United States Supreme Court's recent decision that a public official's vote can be restricted when a conflict of interest exists might be a monumental movement toward truth in voting in this state.

The Nevada Commission on Ethics filed a complaint that began in 2005 involving Sparks City Councilman Mike Carrigan, who voted in favor of a project in which his friend and campaign manager was involved. The Nevada Supremes stated that his vote was not an ethics violation.

But the U.S. Supreme Court disagreed with the Nevada justices, sided with the Ethics Commission, and found that a public official's vote can be restricted when a conflict exists.

Could this be a first step wherein we the people can demand full disclosure and truth in voting from our politicians?

The most egregious example of conflict of interest in voting is in the Nevada Legislature. Almost a third of the Legislature is directly employed as educators, union officials, public employees, etc. All are being paid from the public coffers - our hard-earned tax dollars. That doesn't even include the number of family members, personal friends and business associates that can be financially and personally enriched by their votes.

Whenever this has been challenged, Nevada rulers uphold these politicians' rights to continue in this nefarious conduct which is often detrimental to the common good.

I understand there is a Nevada Supreme Court case (Hardy) that allows legislators to basically ignore conflicts of interest. Maybe the Hardy decision should be revisited.

Nannette Moffett

Carson City

According to God, suicide is still murder

"There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death." Proverbs 14:12.

Suicide, assisted or not, is still murder in God's book. Evil almost always comes riding on a white horse. You're making a deal with the devil when you see suicide as an option for the suffering.

I heard a talk show host recently say that abortion in cases of incest is acceptable. What?

Hey, Bill Manders, what makes that child conceived through incest more worthy of death than any other rape-conceived child? Isn't it just as innocent as any child conceived through a violent act?

Murder is murder no matter how man tries to dress it up, but true compassion is to share the life-changing gospel with the dying, as well as with a lost world. These people have souls, and they will have to give an account to God for murdering themselves when they stand before him.

"And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this (life) the judgment." Hebrews 9:17.

Ms. Dupuy, "Repent and put your faith in the Lord Jesus Christ alone for your salvation, and receive the gift of eternal life, for the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord." Romans 6:23.

"For by grace are you saved through faith, and that not of yourselves; but it is the gift of God." Ephesians 2:8.

Rosalie Hinton

Carson City

Retirees care

about children, grandchildren

We just returned home from a meeting and I was going through my e-mails and found a copy of the letter Gary Thompson wrote. This letter was in response to Janice Ayers column.

Retired Senior Volunteer Program and its members work tirelessly delivering services to seniors. Working on the board of directors with Janice has given me the opportunity to know the dedication given to making certain any information shared with the public is based on research and not personal opinion.

There are many misconceptions out there in regards to Social Security. Following are some facts from the National Alliance for Retired Americans, of which I am an executive board member, that should refute Gary Thompson's claim: Social Security is not a Ponzi scheme; people have paid for these benefits. Social Security is not a government spending program; it's retirement income workers earned. It has kept generations of seniors out of poverty. It did not cause these deficits.

The fact is that Social Security currently has a surplus of $2.6 trillion. We must remember the federal government does not fund Social Security - it is a fiscally conservative, self-sufficient program with a dedicated source of revenue. It has worked well for 75 years, consistently delivering on the promise of guaranteed benefits in retirement without fail.

Retirees care about more than just themselves. They worry about their children and grandchildren in these difficult times. Will they ever get to retire? And if so, what will be there for them?

Jo Etta Brown


Home companion program helps Carson senior

Regarding the Retired Senior Volunteer Program and Douglas County, I am a disabled senior in orphan land, which is the northern tip of Douglas County, meaning RSVP refused services stating they did not serve Douglas County. I contacted RSVP twice and was informed of lack of service both times.

Though I do not need Lifeline or respite care, both were not even mentioned as possibilities. Trying to obtain assistance in this area is akin to swimming in molasses.

RSVP would be better served if Ms. Ayres stepped down as she has not promoted and implemented the program and services to the general senior/disabled population and their families looking for assistance.

Her disdainful manner in describing Douglas County expenditures, i.e. picnic, postage, website, and pins, illustrates the hissy fit between RSVP and Douglas County. Instead of sticking to the mission of assisting seniors, RSVP chose to withdraw rather than negotiate differences. If Douglas County hasn't replicated RSVP services, perhaps Mr. Lockwood should advocate applying for larger grants. They are out there.

Ms. Ayres' condescending dismissal of (letter writer) Andrea Rajeski's transportation assistance shows she has no idea what she brings to the table - my table. She and Judy Mueller are my senior companions through Senior Home Companion program located in Sparks, for which they are paid.

This program covers both Carson City and Douglas County. These women do so much for me from assisting with shopping, medical appointments, etc., so I am able to remain in my home.

Denice Sebek

Carson City


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