County delays picking East Fork Justice of the Peace

A decision on the next East Fork Justice of the Peace was delayed on Thursday.

Douglas County commissioners voted to delay selecting a new justice of the peace, saying there were just too many candidates to sort through.

"My goal is to slow the process down a little to make a quality decision," Commission Chairman Mike Olson said.

He explained that when the search was placed on commissioners' agenda there were a third of the 35 candidates who wound up on the list. He said he spoke to all but two of them personally.

"They're all good people," he said. "It is very clear to me that to know their skills and abilities will require a more thorough and substantial screening process."

A majority of the applicants were in attendance, dressed for the possibility they would have to undergo a 3-minute job interview in order to be appointed.

"You're all dressed up," Olson said in thanking the applicants for attending. "You look real sharp."

Greg Lynn agreed with Olson about the importance of the decision.

"You hit the nail on the head when you said it was a quality decision," he said. "I asked myself going in today what special quality did I possess to make the decision today."

Board members instructed staff to develop a questionnaire for the Sept. 16 meeting.

Commissioner Nancy McDermid proposed a pre-selection committee consisting of Tahoe Township Justice of the Peace Richard Glasson, interim East Fork Justice of the Peace Steve McMorris, a Carson City justice of the peace, County Manager T. Michael Brown and county Human Resources Director Darcy Worms.

Commissioners said they'd like to further discuss the salary and to obtain more information on the applicants' backgrounds.

No date was picked to select a new justice of the peace. That question may also be addressed at their Sept. 16 meeting, which takes place at Stateline in Tahoe Township.

One of the applicants, Gardnerville legal assistant Mary James, withdrew her application leaving the total at 34.

Commissioners must fill the vacancy created by the Aug. 6 resignation of Justice Jim EnEarl, who had two more years in his six-year term.

The job pays $103,417.60 annually and had minimal requirements, prompting 35 people to apply.

Senior Judge Steven McMorris will continue to serve as acting East Fork justice until commissioners appoint a replacement.

McMorris was elected as Tahoe Township justice between 1981-2001.

He is under contract with the county at $9,881.73 a month.


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