Soarer supports airport question


I own SoaringNV based at the Minden-Tahoe Airport, and I am voting yes on county question No. 1.

Here's why:

The east side of the Minden-Tahoe Airport is just the place to set up a club-like environment for soaring pilots. It has nothing to do with a hidden plot to move gliders out of the way of jets. It is about creating the environment glider pilots crave.

Like participants in all sports, participants in the sport of soaring like to hang around with like-minded sportsmen while they tinker with their equipment, show off their latest gadget, tell stories, share a beverage. After a great day of Minden-style soaring, glider pilots want a gathering spot where they can fire up the BBQ, pop open a frosty beer and tell stories of the day

The east side provides such a spot, and I believe the way to achieve this is by voting yes on Question No. 1.

Don't take my word for it. Call my cell phone: 790-5658, and set up a time to come to the hangar. Ride in a golf cart as I travel from the SoaringNV office on the west side of the airport, across all the runways, to the glider launch area on the east side of the airport. See for yourself why glider operations based on the east side would be safe and convenient.

Read the 3 1/2 page ordinance, which is downloadable from the county Web site at It is the culmination of two years of public meetings and hard work by a group of community members interested in maintaining the rural character of our airport. Supporters of the final document include the airport watchdog organization Carson Valley Vanguard Coalition, The Sustainable Growth Initiative Committee, and 21 of the 22 businesses on the airport.

Give the voters of Douglas County a way to maintain the rural character of the Minden-Tahoe Airport by voting yes on County Question No. 1.

Laurie Harden, a.k.a. Glider Girl.



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