Look at Kite's record


Former Douglas County Commissioner Kelly Kite has announced his candidacy for election to the Assembly District 39 seat.

Mr. Kite will be seeking the endorsement of the Republican Party (largest voter bloc in the district) along with that of other groups.

In my opinion all the groups should review Mr. Kite's record as a county commissioner before making any endorsement.

The voters in Douglas County, by a majority, sought growth controls. Mr. Kite vigorously opposed these controls and actively favored the desires of the developers, contractors, etc.

The voters of Douglas County supported the weight ordnance which would have limited the size of aircraft using the Douglas County facility. Per the FAA their weight policy was based, not on the runway weight capability, but on the weakest link in the runway, taxiway system. The existing taxi instructions were revised directing traffic around the weakest link and thus invalidating the existing ordnance. Mr. Kite has again favored the developers with this increase in the size of aircraft using the airport facility.

The federal government has lowered the acceptable level of arsenic in the drinking water, which has created serious financial problems for Northern Douglas County residents. The Town of Minden has actively proposed a pipe line to the North County area which would be used to dilute the tainted water to acceptable levels.

Mr. Kite, in a January 2008 meeting between the county commissioners and the Minden Town Board, acknowledged that during his 11 years as a commissioner this above concept had never gotten onto their agenda due to more pressing items. He stated the problem with the concept was the "devil in the details." What is more pressing than the need for quality water for your constituents?

At that meeting, Mr. Ross Chichester, a Minden board member, volunteered to spearhead an effort to get the various parties together to resolve the issues and get good water to the north of the county.

Now, two years later and with the absence of Mr. Kite as a county commissioner, a major water pipe line exists which is supplying Minden water to the county infrastructure at the airport. There are also agreements being finalized for formal signing between Douglas County, Minden, Indian Hills and Carson City which will cover an additional water line allowing the use of Minden water by these other entities. In my opinion, based on Mr. Kite's above record, he is more interested in serving special interest groups than serving the desires of the voters and the needs of his constituents.

As an independent voter I tend to disregard political experience and favor stated and observed concern for the candidate's constituents.

Sanford E. Deyo



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