Census plans to mail second questionaire

The U.S. Census Bureau is reassuring residents who have not received a 2010 Census form or who have misplaced or destroyed the one they did receive, that there is a process in place to ensure everyone who needs a questionnaire will get one.

"More than 132 million 2010 Census forms have been mailed or hand-delivered to addresses across the country, and so far more than 65 million have been returned. Still, questions are arising from residents who have not yet received a form," says Cathy L. Lacy, Denver Regional Director of the Census Bureau. "We are asking everyone to please be patient and bear with us. A second mailing is currently underway in which the U.S. Census Bureau is mailing an estimated additional 40 million forms to households across the country."

The forms are going to addresses located in targeted areas. It is possible that those who haven't received a 2010 Census questionnaire will get one in this second mailing. Those residents who have not received a questionnaire by April 12, or those who need a replacement for whatever reason, can get one by calling the Census Bureau's questionnaire assistance number, (866)872-6868.

A Record-Courier report that Douglas County residents with post office boxes weren't getting their Census forms was picked up by Rush Limbaugh's radio show on Friday.

Census officials are asking that residents complete and return their by form by April 20 in order for their address to be removed from the list of households that need to be visited in person by a census enumerator.

Mailing it in after that date will mean someone will be knocking on the door beginning May 1 to collect the missing information in person.

"Basically it all boils down to a matter of cost," Lacy said. "The cost of mailing a census form back is 44 cents. The cost of an enumerator getting the same information in person is approximately $57."

Households that receive a second form and have already returned the first one should ignore the second mailing.


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