State utilties commission approves power rate decrease

Douglas County residents will see a 7.6 percent decrease in their electric bills after new rates were approved today by the Public Utilities Commission of Nevada.

A typical NV Energy power customer using 740 kilowatt hours will see a $7.21 decrease in their bill from $105.43 to $98.22, according to information released by the company.

The new rates are effective Oct. 1.

"As we head into the winter months, this is the best possible news for both our customers and the company," said Mary Simmons, vice president for external affairs for NV Energy. "Natural gas markets in particular have decreased prices and we're pleased to be able to pass those savings on to our customers."

The rate decrease is based on prices that NV Energy pays suppliers for fuel and purchased power. The costs are passed through, both decreases and increases, on a dollar-for-dollar basis to customers with no profit to the company.

Today's approval of a rate decrease by the PUCN was originally requested by NV Energy in a mandatory annual filing made in February 2009. That amount, coupled with a mandatory quarterly adjustment set to take effect Oct. 1, combined to make the nearly 8 percent decrease possible for both electric and natural gas customers.

Even with declining utility prices heading in to winter, Simmons encouraged customers to consider energy efficiency improvements that will help hold down their electric and gas bills. "It's time to begin those improvements now so they are in full effect for the winter months when bills are typically higher in northern Nevada," she said.


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