The R-C Morning Report

People all over the country are gathering to watch the inauguration of our first black president. Barack Obama takes the oath of office at noon today, which translates to 9 a.m. here. About two dozen people are expected to gather at Democratic headquarters in Minden to watch the event.

Genoans are meeting 7 p.m. tonight to conduct a workshop. It will be new town board member Karen Holmes' first official meeting.

Burglar Jacob P. Lacey, 19, is up for sentencing this morning in Douglas County District Court. Lacey and accomplice Kyle Liddicoat broke into homes in the north Valley in July. Lacey's sentencing today may be delayed while he goes to a regimental boot camp program, something Liddicoat turned down and ended up being sentenced to 12 years in prison. Maybe Lacey will pick what's behind door No. 2.

The closer that cloud gets, the more likely it's going to do something. The storm is rolling in low and slow, with very little wind. The National Weather Service is calling for a 30 percent chance of rain on Wednesday and a 40 percent chance Wednesday night. Today will be the last of the mostly sunny days, with a high temperature in the 50s and a low in the high 20s.


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