New vehicles extend searchers' reach

A grant has allowed Douglas County searchers to purchase two Grizzly all-terrain vehicles and a trailer to transport them.

Douglas County Sheriff's Office Search and Rescue Unit recently received a $17,910 grant from the Nell J. Redfield Foundation to purchase the equipment.

Sheriff's Sgt. Jim Halsey said the Grizzlies will make search efforts faster and more efficient; especially in the rugged Pine Nut Mountain Range where many roads are nearly impassable using normal four-wheel drive vehicles.

Because searchers always work in teams of at least two members, the Grizzlies will allow two searchers to work together in a specific search area.

"All-terrain vehicles allows searchers to comb the many trails and treacherous roads faster than on foot, especially when looking for lost hunters, hikers, equestrian riders or other recreationalists who become lost or distressed in the mountainous outback areas of Douglas County," Halsey said.

The purchase was prompted by the value searchers placed on two all-terrain vehicles they are using.

"These two additional ATVs will allow DCSAR to now deploy two mobile ATV teams in rugged terrain areas," Halsey said. "These teams will supplement DCSAR's regular 4x4 vehicle and foot search teams."


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