Douglas County communities

Douglas county's population is divided into three major areas, Lake Tahoe, Carson Valley and Topaz. Most people live in Carson Valley, which has several distinct communities.

Genoa, originally named Mormon Station, was founded in 1851 and is generally considered the state's first town. It has about 320 residents and is located on the west side of Carson Valley. The town has a business district which includes a general store, bar, several antique stores, coffee shop, a bakery, hair stylist, salon, and gift shop and a restaurant.

The town is home to Mormon Station State Historic Park and a town park. Two golf course communities are north of town and a hot springs resort is south of town.

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Minden is the Douglas County seat. Founded in 1906 by Carson Valley rancher H.F. Dangberg Jr. the town became the county seat 10 years later. Home to 3,239 people, it is located near the center of Carson Valley. Minden is a former railroad town, where it was the southern terminus for the Virginia & Truckee Railway. Several buildings remain from that era, including a Mill and warehouse. The old Minden Courthouse in the center of home is where county commissioners meet. Minden is also home to the headquarters of the East Fork Fire & Paramedic Districts and the Douglas County Sheriff's Office.

In 1879, the Gardnerville Hotel, blacksmith shop and a saloon were built along the new road running north and south (Highway 395). Gardnerville is named after John M. Gardner whose homestead dated from 1861.

Gardnerville is home to three parks, Lampe, Stodick and Heritage, the Carson Valley Cultural Center & Museum, which also houses the Chamber of Commerce and The Record-Courier newspaper.


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