Walmart a lump of coal


Douglas County has given residents a lump of coal this year for Christmas. By approving the proposed Walmart in Gardnerville, the county has chosen to disregard the letter and intent of the master plan and the Virginia Ranch Specific Plan. The county has yet again elected to accommodate developers to the detriment of county residents and the quality of life we enjoy here.

Why bother to have a master plan and specific plans if the county disregards them at will? These plans may be meant to be general guidelines, and may not really have the force of law, but that does not mean they should be violated for no reason. The small town, rural atmosphere of our valley will be a victim of the county's decision.

Did the county make their decision out of fear? Fear that Walmart might move to Indian land? Fear that tax revenue might be lost? Fear that Walmart might sue? Government decisions should never be made out of fear, but rather based on what is right and what is wrong. Allowing a Walmart in Gardnerville in violation of the letter and intent of the plans is just plain wrong.

The director of community development (Mimi Moss) made this decision on her own. She could have referred the matter to the planning commission, as requested by many members of the public, but she chose not to. Even a failure of the Gardnerville Town Board to approve Walmart's plans did not sway her. This was too important a decision to be left in one person's hands. It should have had a full public hearing in front of the planning commission.

To the residents of Douglas County: Happy holidays. To county government: Bah, humbug. May you find more wisdom, courage and balance in the New Year.

Jim Slade



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