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I just finished reading another letter to the editor that slams our current president. I am so tired of hearing these complaints. Our last president led us into two wars, one of questionable necessity, the largest deficit in history and an economy in shambles. Yet through it all we stood behind him although we didn't necessarily agree with him.

We now have a president who is trying to repair damages done, as well as address issues that have been ignored for years, perhaps decades. We may not always agree with the particular solutions being debated or resolutions passed into law but don't we as a people owe it to our country to support the efforts being made. The answers to our woes are not easy ones and I believe we owe it to our president, our people and our way of government to give new solutions a try. We all know that so far our "same old same old" ways have fallen short.

Can we not put party and politics aside and try to find the answers to these issues constructively. No one party has all the answers but being closed minded and critical won't help. What happened to the unity we felt on 9/11/2001? Do we need a tragedy to make us come together as a people and a country?

Just like a Sunday afternoon armchair quarterback who has all the answers and more likely than not has never played the game, we read about people who criticize our president because of his party affiliation or his color or whatever. How many of those people have ever been in the position of holding the future of an entire country and it's people in their hands. So speak out as it is your right. It would be so much more work to actually try to find solutions and offer up those opinions to your elected representatives. We should be working together.

Donna Theriault



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