Man gets probation for credit card fraud

A former movie theater employee who copied credit card numbers from a patron's wallet and ordered $1,200 in car parts was sentenced Tuesday to a suspended prison sentence and ordered to pay $125 a month restitution.

Christopher Norman, 21, of Gardnerville, pleaded guilty to fraudulent use of a credit card.

"This was not a sophisticated crime. It was more a crime of opportunity," said Norman's lawyer, Kris Brown. "He should have known he would get caught. He had the items he ordered shipped to his house."

According to reports, the victim lost his wallet at the movie theater in September where Norman was employed. The wallet was returned to the owner with all credit cards, but he said charges started showing up for items he never purchased.

Norman admitting taking the card from the wallet, copying the number and replacing it in the wallet.

Investigators were able to trace the items to Norman using delivery information and a computer where he worked.

"I have the deepest regret for using the credit card," Norman said.

"Are you sorry about using the card or getting caught," asked District Judge Dave Gamble.

Gamble said the victim feared retribution, but Norman said he had no intention of harming anybody.

"If I had the chance to meet them and apologize in person, I would," he said.

Gamble sentenced Norman to 34 months in Nevada State Prison, suspended, and placed him on three years probation.

He must abstain from drugs and alcohol and undergo a mental health evaluation.

Gamble also ordered him to obtain his high school general equivalency diploma in a year and notify any employers of the conviction.

Norman is not allowed to have a credit card during his probation.


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