Douglas residents on list for undeliverable IRS checks

The Internal Revenue Service is looking for 93 Douglas County residents, who are owed $65,164, but whose checks were returned undeliverable.

Anyone who wants their money will have to act fast to update their addresses with the IRS by Nov. 28. According to the IRS, the checks have to be sent out by Dec. 31.

Checks totaling more than $155,000 sent to 262 western Nevada residents were returned as undeliverable, IRS spokesman Rafael Tulino said from San Diego.

Statewide, 5,402 checks totaling more than $4 million did not find their way to taxpayers.

The checks are a mix of economic stimulus checks and tax refunds.

The names of all the taxpayers are being released by the IRS in an effort to find those individuals and pay them the money they are owed.

"People across the country are missing tax refunds and stimulus checks," he said. "We want to get this money into the hands of taxpayers " where it belongs."

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