Four units won't make a slum

It seems lots of people agree we need affordable housing, but not that many are eager to see it go in next door.

The recent decrease in home values regardless of where you live in Northern Nevada is a sore point for residents.

The argument is that if someone who can only afford an apartment moves in, it's just another step toward slumification of the neighborhood.

So when a developer comes along to build apartments on what has become a weed patch along the southern boundary of the high school, residents turned out to argue against the project's density bonus.

In the case of the project proposed along Mahogany, the density bonus increase was four units.

Instead of a 17-unit apartment project sandwiched between a street and a high school football field, project proponents were asking for 21 units. Without the county's approval, the zoning's there for the 17 units.

We feel the location is right for affordable housing. There's affordable housing on the other side of the high school. With the high school right next door, it will be difficult to ask the high rents that might satisfy neighbors.

Douglas County has to address the issue of affordable housing. We talk about our congested roads, but many of those cars belong to people who have to commute here, because there's no place for them to live.

Regrowing Carson Valley's economy is going to require that we all take a moment and think before we react.

That means we occasionally ignore the hot button instead of giving a yelp every time someone pushes it.


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