Campaigners a hit in Gardnerville

More than 100 people flooded the parking lot of the Haas Center in Gardnerville on Friday as former presidential candidate Gov. Mitt Romney and an entourage of actors rallied on behalf of Republicans Sen. John McCain and Gov. Sarah Palin.

"This is a critical time," Romney said. "We are faced with unusual challenges. We have Jihadists trying to kill us, we have Russia getting tough, and we have China becoming a superpower. We need change, but we don't need a sharp turn to the left that follows Europe. And our own economy is struggling.

"Obama's plan will kill jobs and slow the economy. Right now, we need to keep taxes down, not raise them."

Romney, who won Nevada's Republican straw poll, criticized Sen. Barack Obama's energy plan, for not focusing enough on domestic oil, coal and nuclear power.

He blasted Obama's health care proposal.

"Do you want the same gang that runs the post office running health care?" he asked.

Romney said both McCain and Obama want to bring U.S. troops home from Iraq.

"The difference is that Sen. McCain wants to bring them home in victory," he said.

"Pride and Glory" actor Jon Voight said there are a lot of people in Hollywood who support McCain but choose not to campaign.

"This is the most important hour in my life," Voight said. "I'm proud to be right here in this spot. This state is important."

"Cheers" star John Ratzenberger said he has lived the American dream.

"So why does Barack Obama want to take that away from me?" he said. "Why does he want to punish me? Why does he want to take my money away and give it to people who don't embrace the American way?"

Ratzenberger said his daughter called him earlier from the East Coast and asked why he was in Reno.

"I told her I was saving Western civilization," he said.

Lt. Gov. Brian Krolicki and incumbent Congressmen Dean Heller, R-Nevada, attended the rally.

"The hardworking volunteers make this campaign successful," Heller told the crowd.

Krolicki urged supporters to continue the hard work until Election Day.

"You people help push us over the top," he said. "Nevada will stay a red state."


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