Candidate answers questions about residency

County commission candidate Dave Nelson produced a Southwest Gas Corp. utility bill to counter the accusation he isn't living at an address in Pleasantview.

In a letter published in today's Record-Courier, four Pleasantview residents said Nelson wasn't living at 980 Winter Green, which is the address he put down when he filed for District 1.

In Douglas County, commissioners must live in the district they represent, but they are selected by the county's entire electorate.

Pleasantview residents Tim Murphy, Paul Fry, Roger Arthur and Millie Thompson signed the letter, which said "neighbors have observed that the window blinds are always drawn and that there is never a trash can out front on pick-up day," it said. "Neighbors have also noticed when driving by the house when the garage doors have been open, that no personal possessions are observed inside."

Neighbor Wayne Davis, who built his house at 981 Winter Green in 1997, said Nelson lives across the street from him.

"He's lived there since last November," he said.

Nelson, who owns four homes in Carson Valley, freely admits he rented the property on Winter Green specifically to run in the District 1 race.

He said he and wife Jeanne Shizuru moved in November, well before the April 5 deadline required to establish residency in the district.

"It's ridiculous," he said. "We've held meetings there. The house is full of furniture."

Nelson said that both he and Shizuru work long hours, starting early in the day.

"We would come home and park the car in the garage until these rumors started and then we started parking outside," he said. "This is just malicious."


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