The R-C Morning Report

If the smoke seems fresher today, it's because it is. We're getting a good shot from the 7,652-acre American River Complex in the Tahoe National Forest. It's only 25 percent contained and the wind blowing out of the west gave us a face full. According to the feds, two-dozen fires are burning for a total of nearly half a million acres.

The smoke is generating a stage-one air quality alert. If you've got a respiratory ailment or heart condition, today isn't probably going to be a good one to work in the garden or participate in that biathlon. The elderly and children are urged to stay inside.

Two items from Thursday's commission meeting were delayed. One was a liquor board hearing on Boodler's Bar and Grubshack and the other is the direction on the flood plain ordinance. Both items should be back next month.

I wish it weren't so, but it looks like summer finally made it. We'll crack 100 on Thursday, but there will be a very slight cooling after that may bring the high down to 93 on Saturday. That's what the National Weather Service is saying for now. Here's hoping they're right. Today the high will hit 97 with patchy smoke.


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