The R-C Morning Report

This is the first morning in a long time that I'm not going to have to dig out after an overnight snow fall. The snow news is that the Weather Service is betting the farm that it will kick up again just before the commute at 4 p.m. and wrap up around 10 p.m. The wind will be blowing 15-20 mph with gusts up to 30 mph and if the snow's as dry as it has been, that means lower visibility. We're only looking at about an inch and a half in the Valley this time around. It's 14 degrees in Minden.

If you're not climbing a mountain, you're in pretty good shape to get to work today. Road controls remain on Kingsbury, Spooner and over Carson Pass and Echo Summit. Big surprise, there's a wind watch in Washoe Valley. Be careful, it's still icy out there.

Genoans will be interviewing seven town manager candidates on Saturday starting at 8 a.m. and going through the day. This time the list includes interim Town Manager Sheryl Gonzales, who may be the favorite for the position. Gonzales was the second choice when the town board hired Tom Peters two years ago.


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