Proposal on the road

One evening back in June of 2002 my boyfriend (now husband) and I were driving up Highway 50 towards Stateline in our pick-up truck from shopping in Carson City.

As we got closer to Spooner, my boyfriend turns to me and says plainly, "You know we are getting married." Huh? What the heck? I was totally thrown.

Since we had been together for 41Ú2 years, I was flabbergasted at such a statement and was thinking, was this an actual proposal?

And if it was - how unromantic, but I guess memorable to say the least.

And all I could respond with out loud was a big fat, "What?"

And he repeated his original statement, "You know we are getting married."

Then all I could muster up was, "When?" He chimed in with "Fourth of July, of course."

Now, at this point I was getting nervous and said, "Next month?!" And to my relief, he calmly declared, "No, next year."

I was still shocked over the whole conversation and figured if he answered yes to my next question he really meant what he said. Therefore I asked, "Can I call my parents and tell them what is going on?"

Then, I got a big smile and a "Yes."

We got married on July 4, 2003 at 6 p.m. in South Lake Tahoe. And since it was Fourth of July, we had the fireworks show as an added bonus for our guests.


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