In Carson: Car drives into yard that's now had three such accidents

For the third time in nearly six years, Angie and David Primak had a car drive through their fence. This time, early Monday morning, the vehicle struck their house.

"It shook me up real bad," said Angie Primak, who was sleeping in a room on the opposite side of where the car hit.

Just before 9 a.m. a nurse who lives in the Primak neighborhood off Truckee Drive lost control on the snow-slicked road as she turned onto Steamboat Drive. Her vehicle barreled through a smaller fence, then the Primak's six-foot-tall fence and slammed into the north corner of their home.

David Primak said when he got outside, he found the driver still sitting inside her vehicle, stunned and with an injury to her face from her airbag deploying.

She was issued a citation for driving too fast for conditions, but the Primak's wonder if the damage would have been less had the city put in a sound barrier along Fairview Drive like they'd promised years before.

"It's always our house that people run into. Always," Angie Primak said with a sigh. "This is the only house on this street that this has happened to."

The Primak's property backs up to Fairview Drive. The road was once a two-lane street, but is now five lanes and heavily traveled. The noise inside their home from the increased traffic load forced the couple to install special windows to reduce the sound. They see a sound barrier like one on College Parkway north of Highway 50 as not only helping with the noise, but helping with the damage they've endured three times now from reckless drivers landing in their yard.

"The city promised to put in a brick wall years ago," Angie Primak said. "But then they never did."

Because of Martin Luther King Jr. holiday, city officials could not be reached for comment.


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