Graffiti vandal ordered to pay $2,612 fines, restitution

An Indian Hills teen who spent more than a month in Douglas County Jail was ordered Wednesday to pay $2,612 in fines and restitution for spraying graffiti at several neighborhood locations.

Lucasz Sznytzer, 19, told East Fork Justice Pro Tem Paul Gilbert he realized while in jail that he had to grow up.

"I realize I did do wrong," he said. "The moment I did it, I realized it was wrong. I'm almost 20 years old and I'm doing things a 16-year-old would do."

Sznytzer pleaded guilty to placing graffiti or otherwise defacing property, a misdemeanor.

He was accused of vandalizing the skate park at James Lee Park.

He was ordered to pay $1,730 restitution, $632 in fines and fees, $250 for the state graffiti reward fund, and perform 50 hours community service for animal control or the parks department.

"You need to be cleaning up after somebody," Gilbert said.

Sznytzer said he was sorry.

"I need to get a job, move out of my dad's house, and take care of myself. I want to apologize for my actions," Sznytzer said.

According to investigator's records, Szyntzer's younger brother, a juvenile, was accused of defacing a rest room at Chili's restaurant where he was an employee.

In investigating the allegation, deputies searched the suspects' residence and discovered 100 markers, a graffiti book, drawings, paper with graffiti-style writing, a graffiti portfolio and other items which tied the restaurant incident to the suspects.

Authorities believed the brothers were suspects in at least 10 incidents.

According to reports, the juvenile admitted the Chili's vandalism and Sznytzer admitted spray painting James Lee Park and a pathway behind his house.

Gilbert suspended a six-month sentence for one year and placed Sznytzer under the Department of Alternative Sentencing.

He must abstain from drugs and alcohol and may not possess any spray paint, markers or other items associated with graffiti.

"What you did was just flat stupid," Gilbert said. "This is going to be a horribly expensive lesson for you to learn. You're going to have to get a job. A big part of what you earn for the next six months will be coming to this court."


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