The R-C Morning Report

The Karen Bodden murder trial wraps up the first of its expected three weeks today. A possible mistrial over improperly introduced evidence was avoided on Thursday, but there is a long ways to go, yet. Karen Bodden is accused of shooting her aircraft mechanic husband Robin in the head in August 2006 and leaving the body out in the desert.

Sheryl Gonzales has been named interim Genoa Town Manager. Gonzales' contract as events coordinator runs out at the end of this month. She was a candidate for town manager when Tom Peters was hired and may be a favorite for the job next time.

The skies are pretty clear out there with a temperature that's hovering right around freezing. The National Weather Service is forecasting a slight chance of showers through the Saturday night. It could be foggy early next week, so don't forget your Foghat.


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