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Building study was correct


I see Jack Van Dien is once again expressing his opinion through pretend conversations with his imaginary friend Bo the Builder.

In his latest journalistic effort, Jack/Bo expresses thinly veiled glee at the plight of the building community.

"I see the big corporate builders are stuck with infrastructure in the ground, units built but no customers."

That unused infrastructure and the unsold inventory are measures of real people losing their jobs and real people at risk of joining the foreclosure crisis - hardly a gleeful situation. And we should remember, that infrastructure - streets, utilities, parks and school sites - is paid for by home buyers, not by the existing taxpayers in Douglas County.

Jack/Bo correctly acknowledges that both Dr. Elliot Eisenberg and I pointed out that new construction has more than paid its way and that a slow down would require additional taxes. Indeed, as the economy has slowed, the county has implemented a new utilities tax and is working on a business tax.

Of course, regardless of the name, the end consumer Ð you and I Ð pay all taxes. Which is exactly what we said would happen.

Jack/Bo then says, "Hey, the Coalition for Smart Growth, and county management all knew unless new building kept bringing in new taxes the county would find itself in a fiscal crisis. Now it has." From that statement, he concludes, "- the Coalition owes the people an apology." I beg your pardon. The coalition should apologize for being correct? We should apologize for telling Douglas County residents what was going to happen?

After mentioning the north county development, Jack/Bo also concludes that, "- County management should have the courtesy to resign -."

He is ambiguous as to whom he includes in "county management."

Jack/Bo and a small but very vocal minority have continuously attacked the Douglas County staff. They need to remember that the commissioners were elected to run Douglas County. Recently, three commissioners had the backbone to effectively give Dan Holler and his staff a vote of confidence Ð despite a call to do just the opposite. I commend them.

No doubt, the vocal minority will be crowing about the likely departure of Mr. Holler. It will be a hollow victory.

If Mr. Holler leaves, he will take his years of knowledge and experience in Douglas County along with him. But the problems and issues will remain.

Asking someone new to step into his shoes certainly won't make the solutions any easier to find.

Lynn Hettrick


How about a tax break for veterans


If we want to stimulate the economy with a cash infusion as the suggested "rebate" claims, why not get the biggest bang for the buck? Rather than giving 166 million people, not necessarily "tax payers" funds ranging from $500 to $1,500, why not reward veterans for their service and sacrifice?

My proposal which I have sent to every candidate running for president is this; excuse veterans from paying federal income tax for five years for every one year of service and excuse combat veterans from paying taxes for 20 years and establish a veteran rate that is the lowest rate available to taxpayers.

This would give money to worthy people and it would be a tremendous incentive to join the military.

The blanket give away that rewards everyone except people on social security is flawed. Veterans' service and sacrifice should be recognized and a federal tax break would go a long way to help them receive the recognition they deserve for service to our country.

If you agree with this please contact all the presidential candidates and ask them if they would advocate and advance this concept if elected.

Michael Hayes


School recognizes

student leaders


One of our goals at Pau-Wa-Lu Middle School this year is to create opportunities for students and staff to become more aware of and practice specific character traits. These traits include, but are not limited to: Trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring and citizenship. This emphasis has enhanced our school climate and created an environment of character. Pau-Wa-Lu would like to recognize specific students who consistently demonstrated character throughout our first semester. They are:

7th Grade:

Tylina Falgham

Shelby Stoll

Marley Breitenbacher

Kendra Wynar

Kelsey Lalonde

Katie Orr

DJ Gurney

Bowman Littrell

8th Grade:

Whitney Swensen

Adam Gilbert

Cody Woodgeard

Dalia Duarte

Demi Cole

Jessea Pacheco

Nicole Pupich

Sadie Gastelum

Sedona Schat

Tia Lyons

9th grade:

Sierra Bertolone Smith

Roy Doornbrook

Reena Spansail

Nikki Chavez

Natalie Freitas

Kalie McGill

Monica Garcia

Dani Trujillo

Cody Sugden

Cody Logan

Cody Annear

Carly McCullough

Congratulations to you all. You are a true testimony that character counts.

Principal Keith Lewis

Pau-Wa-Lu school community.

Presentation great


I would like to personally thank everyone at the Partnership of Community Resources for bringing Gruen Von Behrens to speak to the families and youth of Douglas County. The personal presentation he made about his stuggle with oral cancer due to tobacco, took a toll on not only on him, but everyone in his life. Seeing is believing.

I think seeing him and listening to him speak really made an impact on me and hopefully it did the same for all those in attendance. We have to make prevention one of our priorities when it comes to our youth. It takes a village to raise a child. If he convinced one child not to ever try tobacco, it will be worth it. Thanks again.

Teresa Duffy



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