Suing county a popular pastime

It was not a surprise to learn that Big George Ventures has filed a lawsuit against the county over the neighboring hillbillies casino.

The timeframe during which the housing development could appeal commissioners' decision was winding down and if they were going to take any legal action, the deadline was coming.

No one has been served in the Big George lawsuit apparently because both parties hope to still work something out before county commissioners discuss the issue again on Oct. 11.

The lawsuit concerning the approval of a casino at the entrance of Minden by Nevada Northwest was, on the other hand, a complete surprise.

The project, which included a 21,000-square-foot casino, shopping and a housing development, was approved on Nov. 1, 2001. In the months preceding the 2001 approval, a project proponent said the casino would raise $11.4 million in taxes for Douglas County annually.

The detail where they sought a height variance was omitted from the news stories of the time.

The plaintiffs say they were limited to 63 feet by the county and therefore were the victims of an arbitrary and capricious decision.

Presumably, they sought a higher variance and were denied.

It will be interesting to see the outcome of these two lawsuits, if any.

But the legal action is, in itself, evidence that any decision the county makes regarding a large development will land commissioners in court.


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