Eggs in time for spring reception

You know Easter is just around the corner in Carson Valley because Elfriede Short's hand-painted eggs make their annual appearance at the East Fork Gallery in Gardnerville. Miniature scenes of everything from brilliant-colored spring flower and pussy willows, puppies, kitties, hens with their chicks and momma duck with her ducklings to the more traditional religious themes are meticulously created in vibrant acrylic from Short's imagination.

"I have been painting these eggs since 1986," Short said. "I started out painting the designs on wooden eggs but then I tried goose eggs too. Because they are a little hard to find I went back to painting the wooden ones. Besides, a lot of people buy my eggs to give to little kids so this way they aren't breakable."

Short, a resident of Carson Valley for 31 years, was one of the original members of Carson Valley Art Association and East Fork Gallery.

"There are only two of us (original members) left now," Short said. "Lynn Kelley, who doesn't get out and around much anymore, and myself."

Short, who also does paintings on canvas, started painting her whimsical acrylic designs on Christmas ornaments in 1982. What started out as a fun holiday expression of her art, soon turned into something that has become a Valley holiday tradition and a collectors item. Her ornaments became so sought after that she has a hard time producing enough to fill the demand. Four years later she started doing the eggs for the Easter holidays which have become just as popular as her Christmas designs.

"Even though I repeat some of my design ideas, no two are ever exactly the same," Short said. "That's almost impossible to make them exactly alike."

For those shopping for the one-of-a-kind Easter gift, the egg collection will be on display at the East Fork Gallery now until Easter. The gallery will also be hosting its annual spring reception, noon to 5 p.m. March 25, 1503 Highway 395 in The Record-Courier Center, Gardnerville. Margie Leslie, the featured artist, will be demonstrating her work.

For more information, call East Fork Gallery at 782-7629.


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