Plumbing supply company donates DVD

The Nevada Center for Vocational Education and Research and Water Works Industry Solutions have teamed up to help residents in western Nevada. WWIS has donated more than $15,000 toward a DVD training series for the water works industry that the center will be used to create its own training program to aid future residential development throughout Nevada.

"These training DVDs are so comprehensive that NCVER will use the DVDs as part of a new training course, we will be providing in the near future to train future blue collar workers in the water works industry," said NCVER founder Jack Fleming.

NCVER provides training for construction workers to become more successful in their craft. Development of the water infrastructure was showcased in a media event Jan. 23 at 1227 Kimmerling Road in the Gardnerville Ranchos.

"We are pleased to be able to assist NCVER in any way we can," said WWIS president Reviglio. "My father and uncle have been very philanthropic to Mr. Fleming and NCVER over the years and it is my honor to continue on in that spirited tradition."

Nick Reviglio's father and uncle Tom and Jack Reviglio, own Western Nevada Supply, a water works and plumbing supply company based in Reno with five locations in Northern California and Nevada. Over the years, the Reviglios have been very active and philanthropic in educational programs that help those less fortunate.

"It is as though Jack and Tom Revigilio are passing the torches to their sons to continue on in the ethical spirit of business that they both have forged over the last four decades," said Fleming.

"I can't think of a better way for WWIS to ingrain itself into the local business and educational sectors than by working with Jack and NCVER," said WWIS director of marketing Shannon Diem. "Our DVDs represent a standardization in the installation of our water works infrastructures, helping save our most precious natural resource, especially in the western part of the U.S. - water."

"It all begins with education and training and WWIS has developed a program that will train thousands of new employees in the water works industry nationwide," said Fleming.

The center offers training both for people new to the construction industry and to those who want to improve their abilities.

Training accelerates the learning curve for those who want to become more proficient in their trade or who want to learn a new trade.

The center is located with the Sierra Assisted Living Foundation.

Trainees in the program have been providing labor for the completion of the foundation facilities on that site.

These facilities will provide low-cost, co-operative, self-assisted living opportunities for high-functioning elderly and challenged individuals who otherwise might end up in long-term care.

Co-operative self-assisted living allows these individuals to remain independent and productive rather than becoming a burden to society.

Both the center and the foundation are IRS 501(c)(3) non-profit corporations. Kit Carson Development, builders of the Cottages at Job's Peak, the primary sponsor.

For more information on the center and its training programs, contact the Nevada Center for Vocational Education and Research, 1227 Kimmerling Road, P.O. Box 7209, Gardnerville, NV, 89460 or by e-mail, or call 265-2818.

For more information about Water Works Industry Solutions or to purchase a DVD or portable video training iPod, go to or call (775) 827-2463.


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