Gardnerville teen admits trafficking in cocaine

A 19-year-old Gardnerville man admitted in District Court on Monday to trafficking in cocaine.

Logan Matthew Schwartz was arrested on Jan. 26 for selling 11.1 grams of cocaine. On Jan. 29, he was released on house arrest and on Feb. 28 taken off house arrest on his own recognizance.

Schwartz was arrested on June 1 after emergency personnel responded to an accident he was involved in on the 1400 block of James Road. Deputies found marijuana and a pipe in his vehicle and he was arrested for driving under the influence of drugs. He was ordered back in custody when a urinalysis revealed marijuana and cocaine in his system.

On July 6, he went to Sierra Recovery Center where he and two other Douglas inmates were kicked out for drinking tequila and using tobacco on July 22.

Schwartz faces up to six years in prison. Trafficking carries a minimum one-year prison sentence. Judge Michael Gibbons set a Sept. 24 sentencing date.

-- A Bay area man who tried to register at Douglas High School last fall remains in custody in California. Bradley J. Coushman is in custody in Santa Clara County.

A database lists Coushman as an inmate of Elmwood Correctional Complex in Milpitas, Calif.

Attorney Tod Young said he has had one conversation with Coushman's attorney and at that time was told there may be a competency issue.

Judge Michael Gibbons asked that someone from the state confirm Coushman's status after prosecutor Mike McCormick asked that a bench warrant be issued for Coushman.

Coushman admitted to doctoring a passport that showed his age to be 17 when he was in fact 22 at the time of his Sept. 11, 2006, arrest.

Gibbons continued the sentencing until Oct. 8, by which time Coushman should either appear or waive appearance.

-- The passenger in a vehicle which rammed a Washoe Tribal Police vehicle that was chasing it pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to possess a stolen gun.

Fidel Fuentes appeared in District Court on Monday. While he didn't admit he had the gun, he said he was a passenger in a vehicle driven by another man during a police chase between Stewart and Indian Hills on March 12.

Fuentes, 26, was captured that day. The alleged driver, Robert Hernandez, eluded authorities and was arrested April 29 in Palm Springs, Calif.

Fuentes faces up to one year in jail in connection with the gross misdemeanor.

Prosecutor Mike McCormick told District Judge Michael Gibbons that Hernandez would be prosecuted for the charges related to the chase and the damage to the tribal police vehicle.

Fuentes is out of custody after completing a Carson City sentence for probation violation. Gibbons set a Sept. 24 sentencing date.

Hernandez is serving a 16-month prison sentence in California on unrelated charges.

-- A 45-year-old former security guard, a suspect in more than 20 break-ins in Carson Valley and Lake Tahoe, pleaded guilty Tuesday to attempted burglary.

Patricia Medel of Carson City faces up to five years in Nevada State Prison at her sentencing Sept. 18.

She admitted before Senior District Court Judge Norm Robison that she attempted to enter the Genoa Bar on June 9.

Medel also faces similar charges in Washoe County.

Investigators believed Medel was involved in a series of break-ins that began May 5 in Stateline and occurred in Zephyr Cove, Minden and Gardnerville.

All the thefts were linked by a similar mode of entry where someone forced a lock and entered a strip of shops, breaking into each one through doors or walls and taking only cash.

She was not ordered to pay restitution and may be eligible for probation. According to Medel's plea agreement, the state is free to file additional charges if prosecutors come up with more evidence.

In all, 20 separate reports were taken on burglaries, including a break-in at a Topsy Lane restaurant which netted $2,300 cash.

Both sides are free to argue at her sentencing.

-- A 26-year-old Indian Hills man said Tuesday although he is innocent, he was pleading guilty to statutory sexual seduction because he was afraid evidence might convict him of a more serious charge.

David Reddington faces up to five years in prison and a $10,000 fine at his sentencing Sept. 18.

He told Senior District Court Judge Norm Robison on Tuesday that he denied the alleged 15-year-old victim's account of what happened on July 26.

Originally, Reddington was charged with sexual assault against a child under age 16 which carries a more serious punishment.

Prosecutor Tom Gregory said Reddington must undergo a psycho-sexual evaluation to determine if he would be eligible for probation.

Robison said with Reddington's prior felony conviction, it was unlikely he would be granted probation.

-- A 21-year-old Gardnerville man faces up to six years in Nevada State Prison and a $20,000 fine for sale of a controlled substance.

Brandon Kennedy admitted he sold marijuana to a sheriff's source on May 16.

Originally, he was charged with selling marijuana and Ecstasy.

In a plea agreement, the state agreed to dismiss the rest of the charges and not oppose probation.

Prosecutors are recommending a 12-48-month sentence.


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