Man gets prison after two chances

After being kicked out of drug court and regimental discipline camp, 21-year-old Kameron Mariolo is going to prison.

District Judge Michael Gibbons sentenced Mariolo to two consecutive three-year sentences in Nevada State Prison for two offenses.

He must serve a minimum of one year on each offense before he is eligible for parole.

Gibbons gave Mariolo credit for a total of 308 days in custody on both charges.

"You failed drug court and regimental discipline," Gibbons said. "I gave you two chances, now you have two felony convictions on your record. You've got to decide whether you want to live your life in and out of jail or if you are going to decide to change."

Mariolo was sentenced for theft and possession of a credit card without the cardholder's permission.

According to discipline camp officials, Mariolo was kicked out because of his association with a gang at the camp.

Lawyer Tod Young said his client denied he was a gang member, but apparently Mariolo was aware of the group engaging in a prohibited activity and did not report it to camp officials.

As punishment, he said Mariolo was ordered to perform extra physical labor which he did for four days, but asked to leave camp after he found out his mother was ill.

"I did learn a lot even though I didn't complete the camp," Mariolo said. "There was a lot of physical and mental work."

Gibbons said he was disappointed Mariolo didn't finish, pointing out the lengths he went to for the defendant's admission after the camp initially rejected him.

"The program is good," Mariolo said. "It's the other kids there. I had a bad day. I found out my mom was dying."

Gibbons told Mariolo there would be many pressures in prison.

"You'll just have to resist," he said. "I hope you'll prove everybody wrong."

He also ordered Mariolo to pay $1,182.16 restitution when he gets out.

-- An 18-year-old Gardnerville woman was sentenced to drug court Monday after she pleaded guilty to a felony drug charge in connection with a cocaine transaction in the parking lot at the Ironwood Center.

Melonee Ann Stuart told District Judge Michael Gibbons she was committed to completing the Western Regional Drug Court program.

She was arrested Feb. 6 and originally charged with trafficking because of the size of the sale, more than 28 grams.

She pleaded guilty to conspiracy to violate the Uniform Controlled Substances Act.

She admitted giving a ride to a co-defendant to deliver the cocaine.

"Miss Stuart was not a major player," said her lawyer, Jason Woodbury.

"She is more of a user."

If she successfully completes drug court, she may asked to have the charge dismissed.

-- A Carson City woman with several probation violations for a misdemeanor child endangerment charge was ordered Monday to remain in custody until a bed is available at an in-patient treatment program.

District Judge Michael Gibbons ordered Sherrie Taylor to stay in Douglas County Jail until she is accepted at Sierra Recovery Center.

Her lawyer, Tod Young, objected to consideration of a letter received Monday from Taylor's 16-year-old daughter expressing her feelings about her mother's actions.

Young said he couldn't be sure the girl wrote the letter, but Gibbons said felt the letter was valid.

"This 16-year-old sounds very mature and insightful and she really wants to help her mother," Gibbons said.

Taylor said her daughter wasn't always honest.

"It sounds like she had help writing it," Taylor said. "She waited for me to slip."


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