Driver pleads guilty in injury accident

A 26-year-old Gardnerville woman faces up to 15 years in Nevada State Prison after she pleaded guilty Tuesday to leaving the scene of an accident she caused which resulted in the amputation of the victim's left leg.

Kimberly E. Garcia pleaded guilty to failing to stop at the scene of an accident which caused permanent injury or death.

"I collided with a motorcyclist, then I panicked and I left the scene," Garcia told District Judge Dave Gamble.

"I was trying to make it home. My tire had come off my wheel and I pulled into a church on Kimmerling. I called my mom and she came over. A gentleman helped me change the tire," she said.

The victim, Claude Kelly, 60, of Reno, has been hospitalized at Renown Regional Medical Center in Reno since the March 18 accident which occurred on Foothill Road.

According to investigators' reports, Garcia and her mother went to a tire store to replace the damaged tire. The suspect was arrested about three hours later.

Gamble set sentencing for June 26.

Prosecutor Mike McCormick asked for the delay to allow Kelly time to recover and submit a victim's statement.

"He's still in the hospital," McCormick said. "He's had a pretty rough go of it."

Gamble released the vehicle which had been held in evidence to Garcia's mother who is the registered owner.

McCormick asked that the truck be kept in evidence, alleging that Garcia's mother initially lied to officers about the incident.

Gamble made a finding that the vehicle was involved in the accident and had been driven by the suspect.

Gamble forbid Garcia from driving.

According to court reports, Garcia had received a 180-day suspended sentence last year for her second conviction of driving under the influence.

She received her first DUI conviction in Carson City for driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs, according to court reports.

She tested positive after her arrest and said she smoked marijuana on March 15.


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