Topaz workers to meet Monday

Topaz Lodge workers will meet 10 a.m. Monday with management to learn the fate of their jobs during the two months it will take to repair the damage caused by last week's fire.

The meeting at the Topaz Lake Volunteer Fire Department will also provide an update to lodge workers on the cleanup status.

"We are shooting for a re-opening date of June 1," general manager Rick Ross said. "Ideally, we are hoping for Memorial Day weekend."

Fire damage was contained to the attic in the new addition completed in 2001 above the casino's main floor but, smoke and water damage affected all three floors of the casino and restaurants.

"The exact cause of the fire is still undetermined at this time but, the area where the fire originated contained a large amount of electrical, breaker boxes, wiring and such," Deputy Fire Chief Steve Eisele said. "Because the fire destroyed so much of that, it is hard to determine its actual cause.

"Just by the nature of the fire, we had to keep the water sprinklers going which caused some of the ceilings to collapse and of course water finds a way of getting into everything. It gets into the walls, insulation, the carpets and sub-flooring. All of this will need to be gone through before mildew becomes a problem." Eisele said.

The lodge has a staff of about 150 employees. During the cleanup, the general store, gas station, Topaz Lodge RV Park and lodging accommodations will remain open with a special room rate of $35 a night in the lodge while the casino and restaurants remain closed. Reservation may be made at the Topaz General Store with 100 rooms available. The Topaz Fishing Derby will continue until April 15.


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