The R-C Morning Report

Justin Stegemann's Myspace page, gojustingo, is reporting the former Gardnerville teenager's death. Stegemann suffered from neuroblastoma and was at home with his family, according to the Web site. Anyone wishing to send donations or contact Justin's father, David, may write them at 6855 Princess Lane, Avon, Ind., 46123. Justin has been battling the cancer for about four years. The family sold their home in Gardnerville in 2004 so they could pay for his treatment.

The fire East Fork volunteers from Topaz, Fish Springs and Gardnerville responded to on Friday was a 50-acre blaze near the U.S. Forest Service Compound in Bridgeport. The fire started at about 2:35 p.m. and has apparently been extinguished.

It will be sunny and warmer today with the high temperature at about 70 degrees. It will also be breezy with winds ranging from 8-14 mph and hitting gusts of up to 20 mph. A little disturbance will roll in on Wednesday and cool things down, but by Friday temperatures will be back up in the 80s, according to the National Weather Service.


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