Our future is in our past

It is clear to us that Carson Valley's future will be inextricably linked to its past. If there is one way this place will thrive and survive it will be to market the history that makes it special.

We are reminded once more of the Valley's history by the daughter of the old Carson Valley Springmeyer family, professor Sally Zanjani.

Her latest book "Devils Will Reign: How Nevada Began," is set in Carson Valley, where much of the state's early history occurred.

Western Nevada was a lively place 15 decades ago and that history has captured the imagination of an entire world, time and time again, starting with Mark Twain's "Roughing It."

Our history is worth preserving and with it, the place where it all happened.

Books, television, movies have all used Carson Valley as both set and setting because of its natural and pastoral beauty.

Residents of this special place are working to preserve it as both a place to live and to make a living.

That work will mean some people will have to compromise on both sides of the debate over growth. It is only through thoughtful debate and careful negotiation that these issues can be resolved.

That future will not come easily, but as long as people of good will are able to come together to discuss these issues, it will be attainable.


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