Coalition seeks reasonable growth plan

Douglas County business and community leaders announced Wednesday they have created a formal group to work with citizens and government officials as the community bands together to write a reasonable growth plan for the area.

Coalition for Smart Growth, a political action committee registered with the secretary of state's office, will work with citizens to create a residential construction cap that is consistent with the county's master plan and conserves the county's natural resources while supporting economic development in the region.

"We believe there's a need to plan for the future growth of Douglas County," said Arnold Settelmeyer, a longtime Douglas County rancher and president of Coalition for Smart Growth. "The continued success of Douglas County depends on striking a balance between preserving our quality of life and fostering economic development to keep our taxes low and government services high," he said.

Coalition for Smart Growth is a broad-based group of local residents and business owners committed to protecting the future of Douglas County by preparing a plan for the its preservation based on quantifiable facts.

"We're very happy that progress has already been made in writing that plan, and we hope to make it a reality," said coalition secretary MaryAnn Omohundro. "Getting the plan established will create greater stability for residents and the business community to further invest in Douglas County."

For questions or more information, please contact Omohundro at 782-5411.


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